pastry_crusts recipe list

Title Description
American Pie Crust With Bread Flour American Pie Crust (or Pâte Brisée) using bread flour. This may surprise you. Pie crusts can (and in some cases should) be made with bread flour!
Oreo Cookie Crust Oreo Cookie crust for cheesecakes and tarts.
pâte à foncer A pate brisee type crust but with an egg in it. Has excellent structure for pies like cherry pie or any sweet tart that could be a little runny before baking.
Pate Brisee Pâte Brisée for tarts or pie crust.
Pâte Sablée (food processor method) A wonderful pâte sablée with almond meal. Perfect for tarts needing a sweet crust with just a little more structure and pate sucree.
Pâte Sablée (hand method) Pâte Sablée made by hand. In many ways easier than using a food processor!
Pate Sucree #100 Classic French pastry crust known for its rich, buttery flavor and tender, crumbly texture.
Pate Sucree #101 Another verison of classic pate sucree, this one with the classic 2 to 1 ratio of flour to butter.
Pate Sucree Au Chocolate The perfect foundation for any chocolate-based tart or dessert.
Shortbread Crust (Sablé Breton) Buttery and crumbly shortbread crust, versatile for tarts, pies, and a classic choice for Sablé Breton.