cakes recipe list

Title Description
Apple Marzipan Cake Fantastic almond cake with apples (Apfel Marzipan Kuchen) that goes wonderfully with a coffee or as an after dinner dessert!
Chocolate Cake Chocolate bliss - an irresistible chocolate cake recipe.
Chocolate Cake with Sour Cream A rich chocolate cake with sour cream and coffee.
Excellent Birthday Cake Excellent moist birthday cake with sprinkles.
French Apple Cake French Apple Cake: A rustic delight featuring sweet apple chunks in a tender, buttery rum-infused cake.
Gâteau au Citron (Lemon Cake) Classic and delicious gâteau au citron (lemon cake) that is very easy to make. A moist full-bodied cake!
Golden Almond Cake Golden cake with rich almond flavor.
Lemon Poppyseed Cake Super-Moist Lemon Poppyseed Cake with post-bake soak and final glaze.
Loaf Pan Lemon Cake Classic pound cake style lemon cake baked in a loaf pan. Wonderful lemon flavor with a crunchy exterior and soft fluffy interior!
Loaf Pan Pound Cake A wonderful moist pound cake that bakes up nicely in a standard loaf pan (5x9 or 4x8). Top with chocolate or vanilla drizzle. Perhaps with whipped cream and berries!
Sacher Torte Wonderful deep rich chocolate sacher torte!
Swedish Apple Cake Easy to make and unique chilled Swedish Apple Cake with cake base, grated apple layer and whipped cream topping!
Two Ingredient Cake (Marzipan) Absolutely classic two-ingredient cake made with marzipan.
Upside Down Banana Chocolate Chip Cake Delightful Banana Upside-Down Cake. This classic dessert features caramelized bananas atop a moist and tender cake, thick with chocolate chips. Perfectly sweet and comforting, a delightful twist on traditional banana cake recipes.